Handcrafted Wooden Tables

Our Stoy started with our love for trees... Our goal is to be able to convey to people the unique design of nature and to show them that naturalness and simplicity are the best design.
For this reason, we have formed a great team of interior architects, sculptors, designers, iron, stone and wood craftsmen.


Each product is produced once.

Natural Furniture

Our wood is obtained from 100% natural precious trees.

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We value art and craftsmanship; we enjoy collaborating with painters, designers, sculptors, interior architects, and other artists.

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We develop ideas and projects to present to you our main theme, the tree, in its simplest form.

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A creation that suits your personality.

In short: We produce and create values in the name of our country with the strong combination of art and craft.

Trusted Furniture Atelier

With a reputation for excellence, our atelier crafts furniture that stands the test of time, ensuring quality and artistry.

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Our team prioritizes your needs, delivering top-notch service with attention to detail, ensuring complete satisfaction.

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Shop with confidence, knowing that each transaction is secure and protected, providing you peace of mind with every purchase.

Change the look of your house, change the perspective of others

We created designs based on the harmony of three basic raw materials: wood, iron and stone… We wanted all our designs to be handmade and therefore avoided being industrial.

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Who We Are / What do we do?

What do we do?

We: Interior architects, sculptors, designers… artists from the faculties of fine arts… iron (metal) masters, wood (wood) masters, stone masters… In short, we are a team of designers, artists and craftsmen.


We produce specially designed furniture assuming the tree is left in its most natural state.


Trees are like fingerprints. The natural patterns, connections and looks on the solid wood table we produce are unique. For this reason, every product designed will be unique and specific to you. Everything natural is valuable...

"We wish you to stay plain and strong..."

Asaf Atelier

What Does Asaf Atelier
Offer You

Asaf Atelier is a distinguished design studio dedicated to delivering artisanal craftsmanship. Focusing on furniture, this atelier prides itself on handcrafted pieces, each tailored to individual preferences. Whether you’re seeking custom-made designs, specific color finishes, or the assurance of safe delivery, Asaf Atelier ensures a seamless experience from conception to completion.


Furniture crafted by artisans, emphasizing unique designs and impeccable workmanship.

Custom Made

Bespoke furniture pieces, tailored to fit your space and aesthetic perfectly.

Custom Color

Furniture finishes chosen by you, ensuring a perfect match with your décor.

Safe Delivery

Guaranteed transportation methods that ensure your furniture arrives without damage and on schedule.

Benötigen Sie ein individuelles Design?

Suchen Sie etwas, das speziell auf Ihren Geschmack und Ihre Anforderungen zugeschnitten ist? Tauchen Sie ein in unsere Welt des individuellen Designs, in der Ihre Visionen Wirklichkeit werden. Ganz gleich, ob es sich um ein Möbelstück, eine Grafik oder eine Raumaufteilung handelt, wir stellen sicher, dass Ihre individuellen Bedürfnisse im Vordergrund stehen. Lassen Sie uns Ihre Ideen in greifbare Realitäten umsetzen.

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